Balanced, Mind and Body

Our mindfulness-based techniques, platforms, Kemetic yoga classes and educational tools for the entire family.

Kemetic Yoga Centered Practice

Improves breathing, inner connection, flexibility, strengthen muscles, and relieves stress.

Mindfulness Techniques for Children and Parents

Supports concentration, improves communications skills, relieves anxiety and stress.

who we are

Cultivating a safe, peaceful, and engaging environment

Empowered Me Wellness is a healing platform created by Latoya Bridgewater for the community of people, parents, teachers, and students striving to learn, heal, grow and work optimally.

We are committed to cultivating a safe, peaceful, and engaging environment by encouraging healthy relationships and mental and emotional wellbeing.

Latoya Bridgewater, Founder Empowered Me Wellness

what we do

Come Work With Us!

We offer Kemetic yoga classes, workshops and retreats for individuals seeking healing, relaxation and lifestyle maintenance. We also provide a print mindfulness manual that encourages parents, teachers, and students to strive for wellness, improve relationships and practice self-awareness and introspection.

Kemetic Yoga

An ancient Egyptian style of yoga enlightenment based upon physical movements, deep breathing & meditation.

Kid's Yoga

We offer yoga classes and workshops for students that would like to increase self-awareness, build self-esteem and improve social and emotional skills.

Mindfulness Manual

A mindfulness guidebook used to assist parents, teachers and students with social emotional awareness and behavior management.

Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction

For Every Student

Empowered Me Wellness platforms Kemetic yoga classes and educational tools to provide teachers, students, and parents with the necessary processes and information to facilitate a highly effective system of research based techniques that help manage challenges that show up at home and in the classroom.

how it works

The Four Pillars

Empowered Me Wellness is rooted in the four pillars of Breathing, Stretching, Deep Relaxation, and Affirmations. Each pillar is used to create a new and improved outcome for each participant to learn and grow from.


Yoga Breathing or Pranayama, is the foundation of yoga practice.


Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation is our innermost nature based in stability, restoration, and contentment.


Stretching increases your strength, flexibility and mobility while managing chronic conditions and mood enhancement.


Affirmations are present tense and specific phrases rooted in the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment.


What People Are Saying

This is an absolutely wonderful program! It not only benefits the students but, I also feel the benefits. Thank you for thinking about the teachers when you created this!


Middle School Teacher

I noticed that the children are more focused and a lot more settled when we start class with the program…it’s new to most of them, but they enjoy doing it.


Middle School, Dance Teacher

Practicing with Latoya has made me realize that yoga is so much more than just postures. She teaches us to explore the relationship we have with ourselves through practice.”

Tanya Smith

Yoga Student

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